Ariel Garten Speaks at LeWeb 2010

Ariel Garten Speaks at LeWeb 2010 | InteraXon Blog. Advertisements

Memory in jewellery design

Italian design firm Alessi beleives that the concept of memory is valued because it adds a cultural dimension to design objects, enabling the objects to make an identity-forming impact. via Jewellery conference.

interesting typographic blogs to follow.

Amazing typographic creations.   Quite an interesting typographic blog that covers a vast area of experimental typography.    

Some quite interesting interactive type

Interesting typographic installation in which passers-by tore off sheets of paper resulting in the end product, shown above. Very inspiring, indeed.

Dissertation question revised

  Initial Question: “How can interactivity help the creative industry provide better solutions via experiences?”

Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology of Perception

Philosopher Merleau -Ponty’s phenomenology of perception discusses how our consciousness and our body work together to create an image of the world around us. Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenology of Perception.

Hubert Dreyfuss “Intelligence Without Representation”

Quite an interesting article on based on the views of  Philosopher Merleau -Ponty about perceiving the world around us. Hubert Dreyfuss “Intelligence Without Representation”.  

The Experiment – Deren Brown

I recently came across quite an interesting show on Tv  where the audience were given a chance to influence what happens within it. This  sort of interaction lead to some quite interesting experiences and happenings. video

Experience the experience!!

Quite an interesting art project from a german group intrigued by the word experience in itself. Explores 7 experiences around events to try and create a better understanding of that term. The Concept 1. We Europeans-and-not-proud-of-it are always hearing that “experience”, a ubiquitous word in the USA and Canada, is basically untranslatable. Of course, this … Continue reading